The Foundation currently conducts programs in the visual P- programming technology (information attached) and prepares – nanotechnology .

We invite you to participate in the financing of the Fund. Listed in the fund Glushkov ( to the account specified on the form ) receive certificates or diploma and the following opportunities to work with the Fund :
- Identify the advantage of the direction of the Program Fund and the procedure for the use of these tools ;
- Proposed new programs and schemes of the Fund , free of charge via the Internet the results of existing programs and fund Bulletin Glushkov news and publication of the annual report on the activities ;
- Get on-demand financial report on the use of their funds ;
- If the Fund Program will be a commercial success (and we will strive for this ), then investors will automatically participate in the apportionment of profits in accordance with the law.

We , like you , “for power offensively ,” so we want to revive an existing independent Ukraine “Golden Age” of science , Academician Glushkov and do it together with you. Together, we – the power !

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